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Welcome to the Global Trading Expo & Business Conferences. Our Global African Trade Show & Business Conferences are Wholesale Trade Shows featured 2 times per year in the US and 1 time per year in Africa. Next year in 2023 we will not have our Winter show in California but we will have our Summer Show in Addis Ababa Ethiopia May 19 to the 21st & our fall show in Puerto Rico & Atlanta Georgia August of 2023,  promoting Trade missions to African countries via a wholesale market place. We feature B2B matchmaking, investors, wholesale booths, vendors, businesses and associations from up to 55 African countries and African American exhibitors. 

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USA Office Headquarters

Global African Trade Shows

730 Peachtree Street NE, #570 

Atlanta GA 30308, United States 


Message Line 1 866 395 3857 

Corporate Office U &

Business Whatsapp +1 912 495 8419

Image Advertising 

Consulting Sales & Marketing Office

St Urael Church building 

6th floor 

For directions call +251 (0) 976 222291

Blue Touch Communication Plc

Marketing & Accounting Office

Addis Ababa Kirkos

American & African International Trade Commision LLC

1775 Eye St NW N 18th St & N 17th St Ste 1150

Washington, DC 20006 

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